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The company was founded in 2019 by the three partners: Francesco Laudanna, Simone Grechi, Stefano Moretti, who thanks to their experience and professionalism in the bakery and pizzeria sector gave life to Mr pinsata srl.

"The continuous search for raw materials of the highest quality is the basis on which our work is founded".
These are the words of the three owners who have created a variety of highly innovative and functional products, ideal for any situation, from breakfast in pastry to aperitif at the bar, from pinsa to plate to cut, from lunch in the office to dinner at home.  
The proposed range has the purpose of helping the employees in the management of the production department, speeding up the production process and reducing the costs due to daily waste, bringing an advantage and an economic gain to the entrepreneur.
We have state-of-the-art equipment to maintain high quality and hygienic / sanitary standards, in compliance with the new provisions imposed by the Prime Minister's Decree of 17 May 2020.


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Francesco Laudanna

Chief Executive Officer

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Stefano Moretti

Chief Financer Officer

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Simone Grechi

Chief Operation Officer

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- Quality of raw materials : we only use top quality products, carefully processed by our masters

- Standard of the final product : they can be used by anyone, always obtaining the same final product.

- Shelf-life : They have a duration expressed in maintenance of about 25 days at room temperature and about 40 days at controlled temperature.


- Elimination of daily waste : thanks to the packaging in packs of 2/3 pieces, you will only use what you really need!

Core values


Continuous research and development for cutting-edge products that adapt to the new restaurant market


Quality products within everyone's reach. What you see is who we are.


Easy to prepare by anyone


Mr.Pinsata s.r.l.
VIa ugo la malfa, 21
Spoleto - 06049
P.Iva : 03704010549


Chief Executive Officer 
Francesco Laudanna - 3926455222
Chief Financer Officer
Stefano Moretti - 3930448103
Chief Quality Officer
Simone Grechi - 3454649960